[mythtv-users] HDHR failing

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Sun Nov 15 03:38:03 UTC 2020

> On 15 Nov 2020, at 11:17 am, Stephen Worthington <stephen_agent at jsw.gen.nz> wrote:
>> Unless there is something I哐e not understood then myth will NOT auto-config the IP of the tuners.
>> DHCP is really useful but for myth you really want to have fixed IPs. The mess in the DB of a frontend that over years (for whatever reason) gets new IPs, each time you get a new IP you get an entry for that host, effectivly a new frontend, and loose any settings that you have configured for the 录ast frontend'
>> James
> It is not as bad as that.  The frontend settings are stored under a
> hostname in the database, not an IP address.  Changing the IP address
> does not change the hostname

Silly Moi

I use dnsmasq so each IP IS a different hostname.

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