[mythtv-users] Help: Failed to connect to ( Connection refused

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 02:13:56 UTC 2019

On 9/6/19 8:04 PM, Craig Huff wrote:
> Except for one time today, which took a long time to connect, I can't get into mythtv-setup now either -- the logs have the same error symptom.  
> IIRC, both IPs are the same in the backend setup.
> I don't have pastebin set up right now, but the logs are pretty short.

Pretty short BE log. pastebin requires no setup, just go to pastebin.com
There are usually more lines that say what the BE is listening on. I can't
recall if 0.27 has the log message, but a '... connected to the DB ... is
expected currently. Need to know that to be sure that the BE isn't reverting
to some fail-safe values, e.g.

If mythtv-setup isn't working, and you're comfortable with SQL, I'd do

     SELECT * FROM settings WHERE value IN ('AllowLinkLocal', 'BackendServerIP', 'MasterServerIP');

The log say the BE is running as master, so the ServerIPs should be OK.

If AllowLinkLocal isn't = 1, then the BE won't be listening on


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