[mythtv-users] Mythtv-setup in master: sorting of channel list output

John Pilkington johnpilk222 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 11:40:46 UTC 2019

Commit a3771fc presented the channel-list scan output sorted by 
frequency, and 62d8500 improved the Insert and Update messages to 
provide similar info about the changes that have been made to the DB; 
but that has not been sorted.  It would perhaps be better if it was 
sorted by frequency too, but I have no idea how easy that would be.

Attached is a copy of what I saw during a DVB-T-only scan, edited to 
show only the first channel of most transports.  6 transports shown, the 
other 3 would be DVB-T2.

John P
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2019-07-24 18:14:52.704768 I  CardUtil[1]: Set delivery system: DVB-T
2019-07-24 18:14:53.093057 I  CardUtil[1]: Set delivery system: DVB-T
2019-07-24 18:15:28.264351 I  CardUtil[1]: Set delivery system: DVB-T
qpsk:514000000:Notts TV:7:12323:9018:32844:32780=32780:dvb      10007:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)

qam_64:538000000:5STAR:30:12323:9018:12928:12294=12294:dvb      10030:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)

qam_64:602000000:Sky News:233:12323:9018:22080:20544=20544:dvb  10233:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)

qam_64:698000000:BBC ONE E Mid:1:12323:9018:4166:4166=4166:dvb  10001:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)
qam_64:698000000:BBC TWO:2:12323:9018:4287:4166=4166:dvb        10002:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)
qam_64:698000000:BBC NEWS:231:12323:9018:4352:4166=4166:dvb     10231:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)
qam_64:698000000:BBC Red Button:250:12323:9018:4416:4166=4166:dvb       10250:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)
qam_64:698000000:BBC FOUR:9:12323:9018:4544:4166=4166:dvb       10009:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)

qam_64:737833000:ITV:3:12323:9018:8264:8200=8200:dvb    10003:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)

qam_64:762000000:4Music:29:12323:9018:25664:24640=24640:dvb     10018:cnt(pnum:1,channum:1)

Found 9 transports:
Channels: FTA Enc Dec
ATSC        0   0   0
DVB       134   0   0
SCTE        0   0   0
MPEG        0   0   0
NTSC        0
Unique: prog 134 atsc 0 atsc minor 0 channum 134
Max atsc major count: 0

Update: qam_64:698000000:BBC ONE E Mid:1:12323:9018:4166:4166=4166:dvb
Update: qam_64:698000000:BBC TWO:2:12323:9018:4287:4166=4166:dvb
Update: qam_64:698000000:BBC NEWS:231:12323:9018:4352:4166=4166:dvb
Update: qam_64:698000000:BBC Red Button:250:12323:9018:4416:4166=4166:dvb
Update: qam_64:698000000:BBC FOUR:9:12323:9018:4544:4166=4166:dvb

Update: qam_64:737833000:ITV:3:12323:9018:8264:8200=8200:dvb

Update: qam_64:538000000:5STAR:30:12323:9018:12928:12294=12294:dvb

Update: qam_64:602000000:Sky News:233:12323:9018:22080:20544=20544:dvb

Update: qam_64:762000000:4Music:29:12323:9018:25664:24640=24640:dvb

Update: qpsk:514000000:Notts TV:7:12323:9018:32844:32780=32780:dvb

Insert: qam_64:602000000:Together TV:89:12323:9018:24192:20544=20544:dvb

Printing remaining channels

Found 0 transports:
Channels: FTA Enc Dec
ATSC        0   0   0
DVB         0   0   0
SCTE        0   0   0
MPEG        0   0   0
NTSC        0
Unique: prog 0 atsc 0 atsc minor 0 channum 0
Max atsc major count: 0

2019-07-24 18:16:45.309378 I  New static DB connectionChannelCon
2019-07-24 18:16:45.312494 I  ChanImport: Found 0 unused transports.
^[[C2019-07-24 18:17:36.410610 I  OpenGL2: Deleting OpenGL Resources
2019-07-24 18:17:36.412397 I  OpenGL: Deleting OpenGL Resources

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