[mythtv-users] V30 frontend on Raspberry PI3 B+

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I have not been successful with LiveTV on Mythtv.  It works most       of the time, but you will have issues at some point. Since 99% of       my use of Mythtv is watching previously recorded programs and that       works almost flawlessly. I've looked for other Live TV solutions.

My main TV has a PC, RP3, and a Nvidia ShieldTV all connected to       it. I experiment with the PC and RP3. On the Shield I can run       Mythtv Frontend, and  Kodi for recorded TV, and for LiveTV I can       run ProgTV or HDHR view. I've been more successful with setting up       a program that I want to watch live as a Recording and just watch       10 secs behind real time. I find that more reliable than Live TV.


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i too upgraded my system to 30 today. while i do have rpi3           FE's, it wasnt the reason mine crashed.

git'd both the BE and primary FE this morning since centos           repo's haven't got 30 yet. All seemed to be working fine when           I tested in the afternoon but then the other half got her           fingers on the remote about 8pm and saw a segfault in mythBE           after she clicked into liveTV & then guide. nothing that           looks useful to bug yet, but i'll keep an eye on it&git           commits. See if i can get time tomorrow to figure out which           verbose options i need to start the BE with for more info.

been rock solid for me on 29/fixes. within 6hours of 30/fixes, the BE seg faults so something funky going on imo. LiveTV was fine for a few hours after restarting the BE last night so nothing more to add on diags yet.
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