[mythtv-users] Previous recordings have disappeared

Darby Vicker darby.vicker at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 04:48:43 UTC 2019

> Right, those messages (which have been improved in v30.0) just mean
> that your hostname will be used, not overridden from config.xml.
> Expect to see then on every startup of the BE/FE.
>  From your favorite browser, see if this shows all your recordings:
>      http://yourBackendIPorHostname:6544/Dvr/GetRecordedList
>      http://yourBackendIPorHostname:6544/Myth/GetHostName
> If a list of recordings is returned, contents of <HostName>...</HostName>
> should match the output of the GetHostName.
> A full log is preferred. Start your frontend, attempt to look at your
> recordings (which we know fails) and then exit the frontend.
> Next, look in mythfrontend.log and find the very last line that looks
> similar to this:
>    mythfrontend version: master [v31-Pre-21-ge961d05aa1] www.mythtv.org
> Copy from that line to the end of the file and put in in pastebin.com.
> Put a link to that pastebin here.  Sometimes others can spot something
> in the log that will help. We may want to repeat this for mythbackend.log.

Progress!  The first URL returns a list of the recordings, but this is
at the top:

This page contains the following errors:
error on line 1 at column 256491: Char 0x0 out of allowed range
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

What follows that is a very long list of unformatted text.  Here is
the last part of that:

and Martin set out to learn everything they can about grasshoppers and
their jumping powers.ttvdb.py_2168515101081#1081#1081#108100000000000falsetrue-302018-06-15T12:00:00Z2018-06-15T12:30:00Z17DefaultDefaultDefault0000Default2018-06-15T12:30:00Z2018-06-15T13:00:00ZWild
KrattsBlue HeronChildrenfalse1911EP01345188EP013451880146020775107322018-06-15T13:00:12Z11081_20180615123000.mpgc62018-06-15Chris
and Martin discover the abilities of the blue
KrattsChoose Your
and Chris must choose a sword when Aviva challenges them to a fencing
duel, which leads them on a mission to explore the world of
KrattsKomodo DragonChildrenfalse1911EP01345188EP013451880141021308807362018-06-15T14:00:11Z11081_20180615133000.mpgc6Martin
and Chris follow Gourmand to the island of Komodo, home of the world's
largest lizard -- the Komodo
Whisperer With Cesar Millan: Family
canine behaviorist travels around the country helping families and
their dogs.ttvdb.py_29940400139139_1CTN-HD

So it looks like an episode of Cesar Millan is causing the problem?

I mentioned in my last post that I'm not getting any frontend logs.
If you still want to see that, I'd be glad to, but let me know how to
enable them.

The 2nd URL (gethostname) does match the host name of the machine.


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