[mythtv-users] RAID 1 mirror with mythtv backend???

James Abernathy jfabernathy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 17:56:01 UTC 2019

On 1/23/19 11:45 AM, Curtis Gedak wrote:
> I've had only good experiences using RAID mirrors for the HDDs
> containing the recordings, and an SSD for the OS/MythTV/database.  This
> experience is based on four MythTV PVRs running in the family since 2011.
> When I had both the OS/MythTV/datbase and the recordings on the same
> drive I experienced more frequent failures.
> One other important thing is to reduce the writes to the disk devices by
> adding "noatime,nodiratime" to the /etc/fstab mounts.
> If you wish to read more about my experience, see the following article
> I wrote on the topic:
> Why Consider RAID for PVR Recordings and Solid State Drive for Mythbuntu
> Operating System?
> http://gedakc.users.sourceforge.net/display-doc.php?name=pvr-why-raid
> Curtis
> On 2019-01-23 9:31 a.m., James Abernathy wrote:
>> What are the opinions on using RAID mirrors for mythtv recordings. Does
>> that cause more problems than it's worth?? I'm debating going back to a
>> 2 drive mirror for general NAS usage just for home data storage where
>> the activity is very low. And then having a mythtv box just for backend
>> with 2 drives just for recordings.

I'm thinking about trying to eliminate as many variable as I can. I have 
a spare PC. It's  Sandy Bridge (2nd Generation) Core i7 with 8GB RAM. It 
has a mixture of 3GB and 6GB SATA ports. I'm now trying to figure out 
the best way to proceed.  If I had a lot of extra drives I could just 
build a new mythtv backend with the same drive setup I have today and 
then once it's up, use the LAN to copy over the database and recordings.

But could I just build the system with a boot SSD with Ubuntu 18.04 
server and mythtv, then install my existing drives and add them to a set 
of RAID Mirrors like I have now.

The unknown part is how to take an old mirror from one system and mount 
it in the new system without loosing the data. I've only created empty 
RAIDs or replaced a failed drive and added it back in to the mirror.

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