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> On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 11:13 AM Greg Oliver <oliver.greg at gmail.com>
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>>> On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 10:34 AM Greg Oliver <oliver.greg at gmail.com>
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>>>> On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 10:05 AM A D <ashu.desai at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Hello all
>>>>> I wanted to start a fresh chain so as to not mix up my initial email
>>>>> for help.
>>>>> I just bought NVidia Shield 4K gaming edition. Reading here from past
>>>>> emails, I know a lot of people said there were certain gotchas, especially
>>>>> setting up the remote the "right" way.
>>>>> Can someone please give me the 'best' practices on setting up the
>>>>> nVidia as a Frontend?
>>>>> Not sure if this matters, but I do not have TV recording on my
>>>>> backend. I am only doing this for Music/Photos/Videos (on my storage - NOT
>>>>> recordings)
>>>> If you are not recording TV (or from a STB), then MythTV should not be
>>>> your choice.  There are way better suited media slingers out there with
>>>> apps for most devices already available.
>>> I am sorry but don't agree with that - I have been using Myth for 12 odd
>>> years. When Comcast/Xfinity started encrypting TV channels, I stopped the
>>> TV recording on my end. However, I love Myth platform and even though there
>>> may be million other offerings that can do something better, I prefer
>>> keeping my bond with Myth.
>>> Appreciate the input, though.
>>>>> Reason I mention this is there were some emails about commercial skip
>>>>> and that doesn't affect me and didn't want someone to waste their time for
>>>>> me on it.
>>>>> Appreciate all the help you guys give, as always.
>>>>> Thank you!
>>>>> Ash
>> No worries - I can appreciate that.  The remote for the shield is pretty
>> nice to use, but the new LONGPRESS entries in MythTV are non-intuitive, so
>> I gave up trying to make them work.  Every time I tried to train one in
>> MythTV, the short button press kicked in and MythTV acted on it.  I am
>> unsure how to get them working, but since I have the Harmony stuff, I did
>> not dwell on it too long and just use my harmony mapped to my keys as
>> always.  If you are going to use multiple Shields, I recommend upon first
>> cofig of the frontend to make a unique identifier you can distinguish so
>> MythTV does no make them all seem similar (in case you want to copy the
>> keymappings from one Shield to the other in the database without having to
>> go through it all over again).
>> -Greg
> I honestly don't see myself getting multiple Shields - however, if the
> "right" way is to make a unique identifier - I guess I should do it that
> way? Is there a step by step somewhere on setting up the remote? Or should
> I search it online? I am asking here on our forums since need to customize
> it for my Myth
> Being that it's an Android apk - a dumb question maybe - does the Shield
> play the video files (again, not the TV recordings but the movie "mkv",
> "avi" etc files) natively? I have Plex that can transcode but i want the
> ability to play it natively. So I bought this knowing it can play H.265,
> UHD, - will Myth let me play as such even if my mkv movies are 4K?

Most info here about the Android port:


It will not play 4k currently.
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