[mythtv-users] Trying Nvshield android package, unsuccessfully. Pointers needed.

Peter Bennett pb.mythtv at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 23:43:03 UTC 2019

On 1/9/19 1:47 PM, Kris J wrote:
> I can install either available 64bit packages from 
> https://dl.bintray.com/bennettpeter/generic/. The android fronted 
> starts up with trying to connect to backend, it seems slow to find the 
> backend (29.1+fixes) and sometimes fails. However after several try's 
> it eventually connects. (using ETH)
> I can move about the frontend. However most end points in the menu 
> lead to a loading screen that seems to hang the Nvshield, and requires 
> a hard power off.
> I've been reading the user list and wiki for pointer. However it seems 
> I'm the only one with this type of trouble. I see no other reports of 
> this type so I must have missed something somewhere.
> Any pointers appreciated.
> Many thanks.

I have not seen or heard of this behavior. I assume you got as far as 
the main menu so it must be successfully connecting to the database and 
the backend.

Have you gone into setup and set the audio and video profile (or maybe 
it hangs even before you can get there). If you have not set these up 
and you are attempting playback it will not work well.

If you still have a problem you can get a log.

If you have adb installed and debug mode activated, you can do this to 
get a log:

On your linux machine, with the ip address of the shield:
adb connect [ip address]
adb logcat mfe:D *:S |& tee android.log

Then try starting mythfrontend and navigating. If it is having errors 
you will see them on the screen and in the android.log file. This may 
give you an idea of what is wrong.

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