[mythtv-users] Issue - MythtvFrontend Nvidia Shield Audio Pass fuzz

Michael mythtv at blandford.net
Sun Jan 6 17:33:55 UTC 2019

On 1/4/19 7:29 PM, Jon Boehm wrote:
> Peter -- Please add the following Nvidia Shield Setting to your 
> Digital pass through documentation.  You might label it as optional if 
> people have problems locking the correct codec.  The problem may be 
> exclusive to older receivers.
> Michael, John, Tim, James - All of you have talked about audio 
> problems recently with the Nvidia Shield in this or parallel threads.  
> Investigate the feature below.  It might solve your problem.
> I've solved my issue with my older receiver not locking on to the 
> correct audio codec when starting a new recording and sometime after a 
> commercial skip in the middle of a recording.  In these instances I 
> get no audio other people have report similar odd behavior.  A 
> pause/play or a skip fixes the issue but its very annoying.   After 
> turning off the following Nvidia Shield Setting (not in Mythtv) 
> everything is working correctly.   Note that the very first time using 
> MythTV after the change I got odd behavior.  You might need to restart 
> MythTV or even the Nvidia Shield.
> settings -> Display and Sound -> Advanced -> Play comfort noise on 
>     Use this option to en/dis playback of inaudible comfort noise on
>     HDMI when no audio is present
> Not really sure what the setting does but turning it off fixed my 
> issue.  There must be something non-standard with the way MythTV 
> integrates with Nvidia Shield audio that causes issues.  No other apps 
> I've used have had issues.
> Hope this helps others,
> Jon

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the note.   This morning, I did turn off that feature 
(without rebooting the shield ) and it DOES seem to have eliminated the 
sound issues I have been seeing.    This will indeed raise the shield 
acceptance factor in my household a great deal.   That noise drove my 
wife/daughter crazy and they were lobbying for me to bring back to old 
frontend and get rid of the shield.

I am not sure when this feature was introduced.    I didn't have any 
sound issues on Shield 7.0, then it started in 7.1 and continued into 7.2.


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