[mythtv-users] USA OTA FCC frequency rescan?

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 16:24:16 UTC 2019

> Because the channels are moving to lower frequencies, some from UHF to VHF, you
> may need to review your antenna situation. It's possible that your antenna may
> not pick up the new frequencies as well as the old ones.

Not that I'm an expert by any means but would like to include a bit from 
my experience.  Many of the 'digital antennae' being sold currently are 
UHF only and so have difficulties receiving VHF frequencies.  I found a 
'splitter/combiner' was not the right device for the purpose of 
combining the signals from two antenna, specifically an old VHF 'rabbit 
ear' and then-current digital/UHF antenna.  Instead needed a 'diplexer' 
which inserts only the VHF signals from the VHF antenna and the UHF 
signals from the UHF antenna.  (I have the UVSJ from 
www.HollandElectronics.com.)  With the combiner I was getting ghosting, 
etc.; the diplexer solved that.

Side Notes:

Be aware the 'common name' announced channel isn't necessarily the 
frequency.  Here "Channel 4" is really on RF 4 (so VHF) but "Channel 6" 
and "Channel 8" are really UHF stations at RF 36 and 38, respectively 
(just happens they 'added 30').  I found it was easiest to check 
Wikipedia for the digital vs. virtual information.

When using 'rabbit ears' for RF 2-6 extend fully; for RF 7-13 extend 12-18".

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