[mythtv-users] Missing OTA channnel

Justin Alcorn justin at jalcorn.net
Tue Aug 13 03:07:21 UTC 2019

Last week the listing data for one of my OTA channels just stopped coming
through, it shows NO DATA after  5:00pm on August 9.

I did a mythfilldatabase --do-update-channels --dd-grab-all and I copied
the file that was downloaded.

It has the station info: (NBC affiliate Chanel 3.1)

<station id='20492'>
<name>WKYCDT (WKYC-DT)</name>
<affiliate>NBC Affiliate</affiliate>

For comparison, channel 5 (ABC).  It continues to have listing data.

<station id='21101'>
<name>WEWSDT (WEWS-DT)</name>
<affiliate>ABC Affiliate</affiliate>

Under the Broacast listing, both stations are listed

<lineup id='PC:44106' name='Local Broadcast Listings' location='Cleveland'
type='LocalBroadcast' device='Antenna' postalCode='44106' >
<map station='21101' channel='5' channelMinor='1'/>
<map station='20492' channel='3' channelMinor='1'/>

A program on NBC is listed with both OTA and Cable stations:

<schedule program='EP000191553009' station='11628'
time='2019-08-11T02:00:00Z' duration='PT01H00M' stereo='true'
<schedule program='EP000191553009' station='20492'
time='2019-08-11T02:00:00Z' duration='PT01H00M' stereo='true' hdtv='true'
closeCaptioned='true' dolby='Dolby Digital'/>

Same with an ABC program

<schedule program='EP032033800007' station='11428'
time='2019-08-11T02:00:00Z' duration='PT01H00M' tvRating='TV-PG'
stereo='true' closeCaptioned='true'/>
<schedule program='EP032033800007' station='21101'
time='2019-08-11T02:00:00Z' duration='PT01H00M' tvRating='TV-PG'
stereo='true' hdtv='true' closeCaptioned='true' dolby='Dolby Digital'/>

The programs on ABC (Card Sharks, Aug 10th and 10pm ET) appear on both the
cable and OTA listings (channels 5 and 5_1)

But the Dateline NBC episode at the same time appears only on the cable
channel 3.  3_1 shows NO_DATA.

Any ideas?  I've run the mytfilldatabase --dd-grab-all multiple times.

Justin B. Alcorn
The views expressed are not necessarily my own, much less anyone else's
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