[mythtv-users] Is Nvidia Shield the future for Mythtv Frontend??

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Wed Dec 26 21:05:05 UTC 2018

On 12/26/18 12:49 PM, glen wrote:
> On Wed, 2018-12-26 at 12:04 -0500, James Abernathy wrote:
>> On 12/26/18 11:53 AM, Greg Oliver wrote:
>>> On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 10:30 AM James Abernathy 
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>>>> On Dec 26, 2018, at 9:46 AM, glen <glenb at glenb.us 
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>>>>> On Tue, 2018-12-25 at 22:16 -0500, James Abernathy wrote:
>>>>>> On 12/25/18 9:41 PM, glen wrote:
>>>>>>> On Tue, 2018-12-25 at 18:45 -0500, James Abernathy wrote:
>>>>>>>> While sitting around during the holidays watching TV, I started 
>>>>>>>> thinking about how to improve my home media center.  My backend 
>>>>>>>> is a powerful server with RAID so I’m covered there.  My 
>>>>>>>> Frontends need some work though. It maybe my brain going crazy, 
>>>>>>>> but I no longer think my Ivy Bridge i3 NUC is not up to the 
>>>>>>>> task.  Too much tearing at the bottom of the screen no matter 
>>>>>>>> what settings I use. This started as the kernels got updated on 
>>>>>>>> Ubuntu 16.04 in prep for moving to 18.04. My guess is improving 
>>>>>>>> the drivers for the new Intel chips they messed up the old 3rd 
>>>>>>>> Core generation drivers.
>>>>>>>> Even my RP3 B+ has better video performance.  Since I use 
>>>>>>>> FireTV in addition to Mythtv, I’m thinking of something like 
>>>>>>>> the Nvidia Shield.  It can run all the apps that the FireTV 
>>>>>>>> does and it plays games and runs mythtv frontend.
>>>>>>>> At $150, I can’t buy a more powerful PC than what I have. So 
>>>>>>>> I’m thinking the Shield is right solution moving forward 
>>>>>>>> without breaking the bank.
>>>>>>>> What do others think??
>>>>>>>> Jim A
>>>>>>> i have 2 shields i got for very low price. i agree to be able to have netflix, amazon, hbogo etc plus mythfrontend
>>>>>>> is a big advantage. mythfrontend runs pretty well. i have a little trouble with h264 using mediacodec so i use ffmpeg
>>>>>>> codec for everything. also for me only ffmpeg codec allows subtitles. playback is acceptable. not as good as on my backend,
>>>>>>> a ryzen 7 with nvidia 750 ti. you could also try to build from master and check out the vaapi 2 and see if that improves
>>>>>>> the nuc's before you take the plunge. overall i'm quite happy with the shield on a 4k tv and thanks to the great
>>>>>>> work by peter bennet now having mythfrontend makes a really versatile solution for me.
>>>>>> The advances of small multi-core CPUs with built-in GPU has been 
>>>>>> great since I retired from the industry. I know that a PC that 
>>>>>> you spend $400 for will do the job. Also an old PC with a good 
>>>>>> Nvidia graphics card with do the job.  For me form factor is also 
>>>>>> a big issue.  That's why I spent a lot of time debugging 
>>>>>> performance on the 3rd gen Core i3 NUC. But that performance is 
>>>>>> going down not up.
>>>>>> The RP3 B+ is quite good on Kodi but still lacking on 
>>>>>> mythfrontend. Neither can do SlingTV, Prime Video etc.
>>>>>> So if the developers are spending their time on Nvidia Shield 
>>>>>> then that may be the direction I should head. The hardware specs 
>>>>>> on the Shield are impressive and the price is nice. I am sticking 
>>>>>> with v29 on the backend because it's stable. I know the pre30 
>>>>>> mythfrontend works on my Macbook with the v29 backend, but had 
>>>>>> missing libraries on the RP3 with Raspbian. So I can't see if any 
>>>>>> improvements have happened on the RP3.
>>>>>> From monitoring the mailing list I see there are a number of 
>>>>>> people with the Shield.  My use case for the Shield would be 
>>>>>> Mythfrontend displaying recorded MPG2 files from OTA tuners. I 
>>>>>> use the HDHR Quatro and Connect devices.
>>>>>> Jim A
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>>>>> i run the mythfrontend on a shield and also use the hdhomerun 
>>>>> quattro as well as hdpvr. the files play without stutter and any 
>>>>> frontend features i use all work. i do have to use a cheap usb 
>>>>> wireless backlit keyboard to do edits and other functions as the 
>>>>> remote is limited (at least for me). that was another 10 dollars. 
>>>>> i can't answer about question on dvb streams but i think if u.s. 
>>>>> mpeg2 hd plays those would also play. i have mpeg2 files that go 
>>>>> over 6gigs/hour. only issue i had was on hdpvr content or other 
>>>>> iptv content in h265 that i had to change codec. but they play.
>>>> So if the MPEG2 videos from the HDHR Quatro are good on the Shield 
>>>> then I may make the jump to it. I also use the USB wireless 
>>>> keyboard for editing and setup.
>>> Just make sure you create the playback profiles from the wiki and 
>>> indeed, everything played back very nicely and de-interlacing was 
>>> excellent.
>> So now for the stupid question. When you say de-interlacing was 
>> excellent, what do you mean? On what content does that matter? I only 
>> watch HDTV recordings from a HDHR Quatro via OTA antenna.  It's 
>> usually 720P or 1080i depending on channel and program. Both of those 
>> I consider HDTV.
>> Jim A
>>> I use HDPVRs and HDHRs (original models) as well here in the US.
>>>>> i don't know firestick 4k, but i had a cheap box with the s905x 
>>>>> arm, same as mibox, and it was pretty bad on mythfrontend. shield 
>>>>> a world of difference on mythfrontend and everything else. i did 
>>>>> put libreelec on the cheap box and kodi worked really well fwiw. 
>>>>> hope that answers some of your questions.
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> deinterlacing is necessary on anything like 1080i content not 720p. in terms of over the air, it can be interlaced
> or not depending on channel. in terms of hdpvr it is all interlaced as far as i know so it comes into play.
> i have my settings to ffmpeg to decode, and linear blend 2x as deinterlacer. ymmv . i used the ffmpeg because i am
> old, and from time to time i use subtitles, and i could not get it to work with the mediacodec default decoder.
> you would probably be best to just leave defaults of mediacodec and you will get a good result
Well I ordered one from Amazon and should have it on Friday. It's the 
one with the new game controller and TV remote. If this works then I can 
eliminate the NUC, the FireTV stick, and not use the Samsung 4k TV 
built-in streamer, which is worse than FireTV stick on Sling and Prime 

Jim A

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