[mythtv-users] Mythtv + RPI 3

Andrew (AFPup) Stadt acstadt at stadt.ca
Wed Dec 12 19:29:51 UTC 2018

On 2018-12-12 1:47 p.m., John wrote:
> On 12/12/2018 18:37, James Abernathy wrote:
>> On 12/12/18 1:26 PM, Andrew (AFPup) Stadt wrote:
>>> Had a left over RPI 3 B+, from another project, and having added a 
>>> new TV to my household, decided to try and use it ( the RPI) as a 
>>> new frontend.
>>> Got it working for the most part, but having a few issues yet.
>>> With mythfrontend, the program guide is not showing correctly, only 
>>> the top left couple cells will populate.  The data is obviously 
>>> there, as I can move around the grid and details will pop up 
>>> correctly, but most of the grid is blank.
>>> With Kodi, it takes almost 5 minutes for all the guide data to load 
>>> once you start Kodi... I guess I could leave it on 24/7 but would 
>>> rather not.
>>> Any suggestions or pointers to look at?  My google-fu seems to be 
>>> failing me as of late.
>> I've been playing with a couple of RP3 B+ systems. My wife's is 
>> running LibreELEC 8.25 without issues and without rebooting for 
>> months. She's real picky when things don't work. So they must be 
>> working because she doesn't complain.
>> I've been using the other RP3 B+ with several setups. The most 
>> reliable and best operation is LibreELEC 8.90.009, which is Alpha, 
>> but reasonable stable with only the PVR-mythtv installed. The picture 
>> is much better than my old 3rd gen Core i3 NUC running Xubuntu 18.04 
>> and either Kodi or Mythtv-frontend.
>> I find that if I boot the RP3 into LibreELEC it loads the guide data 
>> usually faster than I can see it count the percentage complete. Less 
>> than a second for sure.
>> I've tested Raspbian lite with XFCE and Mythtv-frontend and it's 
>> works okay, but the video is a little jerky. Some might not have an 
>> issue, but once I've seen the artifacts, I look for them. Motion and 
>> panning cause some jerkiness.
>> Jim A
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> I don't have the problem you describe with the Pi, it sounds like your 
> database access is slow. I am using Powerline Adaptors for ethernet 
> not wifi.
Both the RPI and the database server are on wired ethernet (100/1000). 
The database is being hosted on a reasonably powerfull machine, with the 
database itself on an NVME drive, not sure how I could make it any faster.

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