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jam at tigger.ws jam at tigger.ws
Sun Dec 9 06:02:07 UTC 2018


Browsing the forum I found

Some videos have meta data and artwork but some do not

This exactly describes what I am trying to figure.

1) does metadata lookup and populate work properly for anyone

2) does metadata lookup and populate NOT work properly for anyone

On my main backend the movie grabber does work but the TV grabber does not:

[sandypit] /home/jam [603]% /usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py -t

The modules tvdb_api.py (v2.0 or greater).
They should have been installed along with the MythTV python bindings.
Error:(No module named requests_cache)

(Which rather highlights the disadvantages of using say python it’s easy and works well if your machine is the same as the dev machine else you are on your own like here (SuSE Leap 42.1))

Because of above error mythmetadatalookup Aborts yet this machine has SOME artwork (!?) 

I setup another front/backend test machine using ubuntu 18.04 and installing mythbuntu.
Every command works, I even get a sensible reply when running the grabber by hand.
But there is no artwork even after mythmetadatalookup —refresh-all-artwork

I carefully followed https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Enhancing_Recordings_with_Metadata_Lookup

3) Am I doing something wrong, or is this whole area rather iffy


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