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>>>> I’ve giving this a test.  On the wiki it states in part:
> Okay so I've made some progress here but have some questions.  I assumed these instructions were out of date and referred to Gary's PDF "Use of the HDHR Premium TV service with MythTV".
> I don't have the Premium service but thought I'd follow the instructions exactly to better learn some things about mythhdhrrecorder and external recorders.  So using a Virtualbox ubuntu 18.04 system I build up mythtv 29.1 as normal, but followed the PDF to setup the tuners.  I got it working except for the premium channels as expected.
If you will only be using OTA on the external recorder, you will not be able to use the virtual tuners. Ie record 10.1, and 10.2, 10.3 at the same time on one tuner. It will require 3 separate physical tuners for the above. I configure my HDHRs with 4 virtual tuners.

I do understand the exercise as an experiment however, but wouldn’t be good for production.

> So what I think I have right is:
> 1. mythhdhrrecorder switches to tcp and virtual channels so mythtv-setup can't be used to scan the channels.
> 2. if I follow the PDF instructions but don't include the HDHR Premium lineup, but include my zipcode lineup, it will work for normal OTA ATSC channels.
> Currently I'm using Record priorities to set a Custom Priority Rule to make sure my HDHR Connect is used for a local channel I'm having problems with.  I can't let it record with the HDHR Quatro. I'm also able to set LiveTV priorities to keep the Connect higher priority than the Quatro.

One thing I did since I have a couple of hdhr4-2us tuners is I assigned both tuners of one of the hdhr4s to the external recorder for each tuner to SD Premium. The 2 tuners of the other hdhr4 are assigned normally to OTA as hd homerun tuners within the setup.
> I'm looking for ways to do this with the mythhdhrrecorder method.  I'm thinking I could create external recorders with the --hdhr <id> options so I could call them out in my custom priority rules??

Priorities are set in mythtv-setup when you assign the schedules direct source to the tuner.

If you aren’t going to use SD premium, you are better off using the HDHR tuner setup within mythtv as mentioned above.



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