[mythtv-users] rPi3 3.5mm audio out

Stefan Davids mythtv at stefan.davids.uk.net
Fri Oct 20 10:42:57 UTC 2017

On 20-10-2017 10:32, Tim Draper wrote:
> i know a few people here use rpi3's as an FE - maybe you use the 3.5mm
> output also?
> i've recently tried to get one of my rpi's working with 3.5mm audio to
> use my conservatory built-in speakers. It kinda works but found i need
> to run it through an external amp to get any sort of reasonable volume
> out of it. So I bought a LEPY LP-2020A that has 3.5mm in, and i've
> bought a 4pin 3.5mm cable for the rpi side (a normal 3pin caused audio
> clicking but was fine when plugged into my phone for testing).
> this 4pin cable doesnt work at all with the rpi or my phone. i doubt
> it's a simple case of bad cable as i bought & tested 2 cables with
> same issues.
> what type of cable are you using? i thought i bought the right 4pin
> cable but with it working less than the 3pin i've obviously bought
> wrong. maybe i need to go 4pin on the rpi end, and 3pin/RCA on the
> Lepy amp end?
> ...or maybe you went for a DAC-HAT?

I'd expect just a normal stereo jack would be what is needed but there 
often seem to be issues with the 3.5mm audio output (search for clicking 
or pops in that context).  The sound is also supposed to be a bit poor 
compared to HDMI output.

My frontend Rpi I connect to an amplifier via a cheap USB audio card 
(about £6) which has a 3.5mm out and use squeezelite for music which 
works well as you don't seem to be able to use the Rpi's 3.5mm and HDMI 
out at the same time.

I've also got a dedicated music Rpi in the kitchen where I've used 
HiFiBerry amp hat.  Just connect up speakers and you're good to go (they 
do a similar DAC hat which needs an amp too which I haven't tried).


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