[mythtv-users] Updated mythbuntu theme version 28

John Marshall mythtv at marshallparty.org
Mon Mar 31 18:26:21 UTC 2014

On 3/31/2014 1:07 PM, Thomas Mashos wrote:
> 28.6 released. As always, lets keep questions/comments in this thread.
> Thanks,
> Thomas Mashos

My apologies - I shrank the "live tv guide" recording status box too 
much and "Record All -- Previously Recorded" gets cut off.  This tweak 
allows it to fit, at least for English, though it really gets towards 
the left edge of the bounding shape.  I have no idea if this is the 
longest value or not, but making the box any wider would really cut into 
the subtitle more.

Line 546 as of now.

<textarea name="rectypestatus" from="basetextarea">
-            <area>910,127,455,45</area>
+            <area>900,127,465,45</area>

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