[mythtv-users] HDHR Prime addition

John Marshall mythtv at marshallparty.org
Fri Mar 28 22:04:31 UTC 2014

On 3/28/2014 4:42 PM, Matthew Daubenspeck wrote:
> I've purchased a new HDHR Prime and got a CableCARD from my cable
> company. If I hook it up now and run the scan, will it find the QAM
> channels as well as the channels the card allows me to access?

I'm pretty sure the Prime does either CableCard or QAM, not both at the 
same time.  Either way, with clear-QAM going away, you won't be using 
QAM anyway.

> I would like to remove my current tuners (2 original HDHRs and a
> PVR-500) to get the new HDHR Prime working, but I'm worried that there
> may be channel mixups between QAM and authorized channels with
> recordings.

I think this should get sorted out correctly automatically using 
callsign/xmltv ids.  Note: When we went all digital+encryption here I 
had to use a new "digital rebuild" lineup in Schedules Direct to get my 
new channels, so you may want to log in and check what's available.


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