[mythtv-users] hdhr3-cc and recording quality

Leo Butler leo.butler at member.ams.org
Wed Mar 26 12:04:54 UTC 2014

>   On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 2:25 AM, Leo Butler <leo.butler at member.ams.org> wrote:
>   ....
>   > What is going on here?
>   One important detail is whether this is a new installation,
>   which has never worked properly, or is this a recent change
>   in behavior (without you (knowingly) making any other
>   changes to your configuration).

Neither. The myth system is just over a year old, running 0.25/12.04
mythbuntu. For 10 months I had a single pvr150 recording analogue
cable from charter; there were essentially no flaws in those
recordings. Charter changed over to an encrypted digital signal in
mid-January and I changed to an hdhr3-cc with a cable card and tuning

The new tuning system has never provided flawless recordings in 2
months of operation, but my subjective evaluation is that the gaps
have been increasing in number and length of time.

I don't see any indication of the gaps in the hdhr logs, only in the
backend log, and only at the end of a recording. I have looked on the
silicondust fora, and I didn't see mention of similar problems.


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