[mythtv-users] hdhr3-cc and recording quality

Leo Butler leo.butler at member.ams.org
Wed Mar 26 02:25:37 UTC 2014

I have a silicondust hdhr3-cc with a tuning adapter and cablecard from
charter. I have noticed jumps in the recording of 1-60 seconds in
length. After an especially bad recording, the backend log contains
the following information:

Mar 24 23:00:30 mythtv-server mythbackend[7783]: I TVRecEvent tv_rec.cpp:817 (FinishedRecording) TVRec(1): FinishedRecording(1004_2014-03-24T22:01:00) damaged recq:<Rec
ordingQuality overall_score="0.872034" key="1004_2014-03-24T22:01:00" countinuity_error_count="17" packet_count="6807853">#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:01:12" end="
2014-03-24T22:02:01" duration="49" />#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:18:17" end="2014-03-24T22:19:01" duration="43" />#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:30:41" end="20
14-03-24T22:31:02" duration="20" />#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:32:13" end="2014-03-24T22:33:01" duration="48" />#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:37:41" end="2014
-03-24T22:38:01" duration="20" />#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:47:12" end="2014-03-24T22:48:02" duration="50" />#012    <Gap start="2014-03-24T22:52:41" end="2014-0
3-24T22:53:02" duration="20" />#012</RecordingQuality>

What is going on here? Is this caused by bugs in the hdhr? mythtv?  I
do not believe this is an io issue on the backend, as these are sd
recordings and the backend has 16G ram.


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