[mythtv-users] Do HD channels fallback to SD on tuning problems ? [was: multiple transmitters - same channel]

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 23:10:31 UTC 2014

On 24 March 2014 13:10, Doug Scoular (dscoular) <dscoular at cisco.com> wrote:
> I get SBS 1 at about 75% to 76% according to the signal monitor that
> briefly flashes up when I change channels from a different multiplex.
> Unfortunately, when I select SBS HD it does that weird thing and tunes to
> SBS 1 instead so I can't tell you what mythtv signal level SBS HD is
> getting for the moment. The worst signal I get is 72% for some of the
> Seven network channels. SBS HD does succeed in tuning to it's HD channel on occasion just not when I'm composing emails about it ;^)

my experience is that the percentage displayed is really meaningless
on its own, as different cards report different values.

it doesn't follow any standards.

My Hauppauge PVR2200 for example, shows a 30% signal, yet I get
excellent reception.
Another card shows 90+% with exactly the same channel and antenna point.

Myth doesn't do fallback.
As far as MythTV is concerned, SBS HD is an entirely different channel
than SBS 1.

So you can't have things like tuning to SBS HD and it falls back to
SBS 1. I'm not sure what you are seeing, most likely you are already
on SBS 1, try to tune to SBS HD and it fails.

Having said that, it's extremely unlikely that you could get SBS 1 but
not SBS HD. Not the way digital TV works. SBS ! and SBS HD are on the
same channel, just a different multiplex. There are for this purpose
the same channel as far as signal is concerned.

So if you can tune to SBS1, you can tune to SBS HD, it's a black and
white world here.

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