[mythtv-users] Do HD channels fallback to SD on tuning problems ? [was: multiple transmitters - same channel]

Doug Scoular (dscoular) dscoular at cisco.com
Mon Mar 24 07:23:13 UTC 2014

Hi Mark,

On Monday, 24 March 2014 4:53 pm, Mark Perkins spoke thusly:
> I'm not sure the absolute value means a lot, for a while I had channels reporting 25% strength with flawless reception. So 75% seems excellent to me! I think different tuners will give wildly divergent numbers.

I agree, I was just quoting them because a previous poster had asked me for them. I know that I'm in a marginal area and channel 7 is the weakest.

> Just to be clear - this is new behavior? Your original message (IIRC) only talked about the channel appearing and disappearing, not cross tuning to a different channel. I've not heard of this sort of behavior before (although others may have).

I think I was just mis-remembering the behaviour before the retune. I think the issue has actually been that selecting SBS HD sometimes tunes to SBS 1 - so, in my head, that meant that SBS HD had effectively disappeared as a tunable option :^) It's still in the guide and channels. I think I was wrong in thinking that it ever disappeared from the channels.

> This definitely seems odd? Did I see you mention somewhere that it will tune to SBS HD sometimes, other times it is SBS 1? How do you tell? (OSD? Currently showing program? Is your EPG source accurate now that you know you are on Newcastle channels?). Do you still get nothing at times?

I'm basing this on the semi-transparent SBS HD watermark I see on the screen. At the moment both are working... I have "Luke Nguyen's Vietnam" with a transparent "SBS ONE" watermark on 849 and I can switch to "SBS HD" on 853 and I see the "SBS ONE HD" watermark. I can also check the playback data and see that is 720x576 on SBS 1 and 1440x1080 on SBS HD.

This time last night I could select SBS HD but it would always tune to SBS 1 standard definition. It's working right now but who knows about tomorrow.

I should turn on logging for tuning next time it happens.

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.


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