[mythtv-users] Updated mythbuntu theme version 28

mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net
Tue Mar 25 16:00:08 UTC 2014

>> My personal customizations:
>> * I like the popop menus in the upper left instead of centered.  I find it
>> less obtrusive.
> I'm not sure what you mean by "* I like the popop menus in the upper
> left instead of centered.  I find it less obtrusive.", can I get a
> screenshot? I have a feeling this is not intended.

No, it's not a bug, this is something I've just changed locally.  I 
didn't like the centered popup menus, so I moved them all to the upper left.

> Regarding the font size, it's wasn't difficult to read the text from
> 15' away on a 55" tv, it was just a bit of an eye strain. I might
> shrink the font size down a little, but not much. I'll look at
> changing from white (actually I think it's light grey) to a darker
> grey)

I think I can get used to the size - it *is* more readable on my smaller 
displays.  I think it wouldn't look so big/bright without the white 
color.  I checked an older version and only the highlighted recording 
was bright, but now they all are.  The main menu is similar - I'm not a 
fan of the whiter menu items and clock compared to the older, muted 
color.  But maybe it helps with visibility for others due to the contrast?

> I list of things with patches would be nice (separate patches). Then I
> can see which ones we should put in the theme.

Key: ! patch, ~ sorta, * not attempted.  I've attached the diffs, but I 
manually split them up.  I can do it more explicitly tonight if 
necessary.  The diff is from latest git as of this morning.

Main menu:
   * bigger, whiter menu items a little too bright
   * items seem closer together due to font size

Recordings Listing:
   ! "12:31 AM" doesn't fit in the 3rd column (gets ellipsis)
   ! date and time are a bit close together (eg "3/23 11:00 PM" looks 
like "3/2311:00 PM")
   * All recordings are bright white, whereas previously only the 
selected one was.  I know the clock also changed to white.  I prefer the 
more subdued grey, especially in a dark room.
   ! minor - the last item in the recordings list nearly touches the 
bounding box - the list is not centered vertically in the box

Program Finder:
   ! 3rd column date/time doesn't fit/gets ellipsis

Recording Rules:
   * cols 2-4 shifted down relative to col 1 and highlighting bar
   ~ date/time too big on many items
   * callsign doesn't fit on a channel-specific rule (eg KXXX-DT truncated)
   ! priority "-2" doesn't fit
   * line-spacing seems a little tight

Previous/Upcoming recordings:
   * Col 1-2 too small for most values
   * line-spacing seems a little tight

Guide during Live TV:
   * On exit of guide, menu flashes before video returns
   * I think this dates to v27, but when paging up/down in the guide, 
the grid refreshes a slight bit before the channel #/icon sections.
   ! Subtitle rarely fits

System status:
   * line-spacing seems a little tight

diff-recs.txt: I resized the columns a bit and also adjusted the 
vertical centering of the recordings box.  I tried to use the same left 
offsets as the recording groups items.

diff-finder.txt: I adjusted the font for the date/time column since it 
was much bigger and also shorted the box so it didn't touch the right 
side.  (I had a tough time changing the font without including all the 
states - maybe there's a better way?)

diff-rules.txt: Shifted columns to fit more text, but things still 
aren't right.  I'm not sure why the text is shifted down, either.

diff-clock.txt: Restored the clock, adjusted title and subtitle.  This 
is one of my existing personal tweaks as I really like having the clock 
visible.  Technically a descending letter on a very long title can just 
overlap a bit with the clock, but I've never seen in in action, so I 
never adjusted the boxes to be strictly exclusive.  Subtitle now has two 
lines and fits more text.
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diff --git a/schedule-ui.xml b/schedule-ui.xml
index 52bc67a..bb3b01b 100644
--- a/schedule-ui.xml
+++ b/schedule-ui.xml
@@ -524,13 +524,14 @@
         <!-- </shape> -->
         <textarea name="title" from="basetextarea">
-            <area>250,15,1114,90</area>
+            <area>250,15,1114,60</area>
         <textarea name="subtitle" from="basetextarea">
-            <area>250,120,529,45</area>
+            <area>250,90,560,90</area>
+            <multiline>yes</multiline>
 	    <template>%STARTTIME%%-|ENDTIME| %%"|SUBTITLE|" %%00X00| %%(|ORIGINALAIRDATE|)\n%</template>
@@ -550,6 +551,14 @@
             <template>%YEARSTARS| %%DESCRIPTION%</template>
+        <!-- jmm add clock back -->
+        <clock name="time">
+                <area>820,60,555,60</area>
+                <align>right,right</align>
+                <font>basesmallgrey</font>
+                <format>%TIME%</format>
+        </clock>
     <window name="manualschedule">
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diff --git a/schedule-ui.xml b/schedule-ui.xml
index 52bc67a..bb3b01b 100644
@@ -1543,6 +1552,12 @@
+                            <font state="normal">basesmall</font>
+                            <font state="disabled">basesmall</font>
+                            <font state="error">basesmall</font>
+                            <font state="warning">basesmall</font>
+                            <font state="running">basesmall</font>
+                            <font state="marked"></font>
                     <state name="selectedactive" from="active">
@@ -1550,7 +1565,7 @@
                         <shape name="buttonbackground">
-                            <area>0,0,420,50</area>
+                            <area>0,0,410,50</area>
                             <fill color="#ffffff" alpha="75" />
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diff --git a/recordings-ui.xml b/recordings-ui.xml
index 239cf76..58590a6 100644
--- a/recordings-ui.xml
+++ b/recordings-ui.xml
@@ -160,7 +160,7 @@
             <buttonlist name="recordings">
-                <buttonarea>20,7,1360,696</buttonarea>
+                <buttonarea>20,2,1360,696</buttonarea>
                 <triggerevent context="Global" action="MENU">RIGHT</triggerevent>
@@ -176,7 +176,7 @@
                         <textarea name="titlesubtitle">
-                            <area>50,0,1005,70</area>
+                            <area>25,0,1025,70</area>
                             <font state="disabled">baserecordingsmediumgrey</font>
                             <font state="error">bbaserecordingsmediumbrightred</font>
                             <font state="warning">baserecordingsmediumyellow</font>
@@ -187,12 +187,12 @@
                             <template>%TITLESUBTITLE% %YEARSTARS%</template>
                         <textarea name="shortstartdate" from="titlesubtitle">
-                            <area>1015,0,130,70</area>
+                            <area>1010,0,130,70</area>
                         <textarea name="starttime" from="shortstartdate">
-                            <area>1145,0,205,70</area>
+                            <area>1140,0,210,70</area>
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diff --git a/schedule-ui.xml b/schedule-ui.xml
index 52bc67a..bb3b01b 100644
@@ -1588,44 +1603,44 @@
         <textarea name="callsignlabel" from="basetextarea">
-            <area>952,22,150,60</area>
+            <area>922,22,150,60</area>
         <textarea name="lastrecordedlabel" from="basetextarea">
-            <area>1192,22,435,60</area>
+            <area>1222,22,435,60</area>
             <value>Last Recorded</value>
         <textarea name="prioritylabel" from="basetextarea">
-            <area>1642,22,142,60</area>
+            <area>1676,22,142,60</area>
         <buttonlist name="programs" from="basebuttonlist2">
-            <position>37,97</position>
-            <buttonarea>0,0,1140,510</buttonarea>
+            <position>7,97</position>
+            <buttonarea>0,0,1170,510</buttonarea>
             <statetype name="buttonitem">
                 <state name="active">
                     <textarea name="rectype" from="buttontext">
-                        <area>45,1,30,36</area>
+                        <area>25,1,30,36</area>
                     <textarea name="title" from="buttontext">
-                        <area>90,1,750,36</area>
+                        <area>70,1,750,36</area>
                     <textarea name="callsign" from="buttontext">
-                        <area>855,1,210,36</area>
+                        <area>835,1,210,36</area>
                     <textarea name="lastrecorded" from="buttontext">
-                        <area>1080,1,510,36</area>
+                        <area>1060,1,604,36</area>
                     <textarea name="finalpriority" from="buttontext">
-                        <area>1650,1,60,36</area>
+                        <area>1684,1,80,36</area>

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