[mythtv-users] Updated mythbuntu theme version 28 (mythtv: to exclusive) 0.27)

mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net mythtv.t.wuuza at xoxy.net
Tue Mar 25 12:29:23 UTC 2014

On 03/24/2014 07:30 PM, Thomas Mashos - thomas at mashos.com wrote:
> So I've just pushed v28.4. This has the larger font, as well as some
> color status fixes. Also has a fix for mythzoneminder showing the
> correct size in the frontend.

First let me just say thanks for working on this theme.  I have been on 
v26-27 for quite a while and haven't had much experience with the 28 
line until playing around with the latest in git the last couple of 
days.  (I started using git so I could perpetuate a couple of 
customizations that I'll describe later.)

I'm a bit torn with the font size increase.  I have three frontends - 
23", 32", and 46", all 9-10' away - and never had a problem before.  In 
direct comparison it is more readable on the smaller displays.  However, 
the font looks somewhat comical on the big TV, especially now that all 
recording text is always pure white.  I know the main menu clock color 
was also changed; I preferred the more subdued color, especially in a 
dark room.

I did find some other issues with text not fitting and such.  Trac 
doesn't look like a hotbed of theme bugs - should I just send you a 
list?  I worked on some of them last night and can send you a patch if 
you want.

My personal customizations:
* I like the popop menus in the upper left instead of centered.  I find 
it less obtrusive.
* On the guide-with-video I added the clock back (time-only) between the 
main title and video box.  I also used some unused space below the main 
title to give the subtitle two lines, which allows more subtitles to 
display without truncation.


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