[mythtv-users] Odd response to forward

Dick Steffens dick at dicksteffens.com
Mon Mar 24 00:48:44 UTC 2014

On 03/23/2014 05:36 PM, Thomas Mashos wrote:
> <snip>
> Note: I've seen this before but never bothered to investigate it that
> much. Below is just an educated guess as to what is happening.
> Sounds like a time sync issue (IIRC, from a damaged or non-indexed
> video). I'd bet that if you ran a stopwatch while watching it, they
> wouldn't be in sync after a few minutes. Basically, you've watched 10
> minutes of show, but the time bar reports you are at a different time
> (for instance, the 8 minute mark). So when you were skipping forward,
> you hit the 30 second skip button, mythtv says ok, he's at 8 minutes,
> skip to 8:30. At that point, it skips to the actual 8 minute 30 second
> mark of the video (the part you already watched). So it was always
> skipping forward according to mythtv, it just didn't really know where
> you were.

Sounds logical. I'll look at that the next time I experience the problem.



Dick Steffens

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