[mythtv-users] anyone successfully using an AMD APU as a frontend?

Eric B bernhart2002 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 23:52:30 UTC 2014

I thought AMD APU (AMD A6-6420K APU with an HD8470
> onboard) would be the new hotness and a great way to go: nice
> graphics for HD playback, low power usage, good cpu speed!

I am using a small form factor AMD APU with the mesa 10 and VDPAU playback
on one of my frontends and it works  awesome! Very low cpu usage and will
happily playback anything I want and personally I think it playbacks
tv/videos better then my nvidia front ends. I am running ubuntu 13.10 and
if you check the mythtv wiki I updated it  with directions on how to get it
The issue you are having with the menus in mythtv is do to the AMD driver
and opengl rendering. basically the AMD driver sucks but the MESA driver
works great. All the menu will display correctly
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