[mythtv-users] Mythtv Android Fronend list shows but no episodes

Bill Meek keemllib at gmail.com
Sun Mar 9 19:33:43 UTC 2014

On 03/09/2014 01:15 AM, Henk Poley wrote:
 >> E/RecordedHelperV27( 9760): Caused by:
 >> com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidFormatException: Can not
 >> construct instance of int from String value '4294967295': Overflow: numeric
 >> value (4294967295) out of range of Integer (-2147483648 - 2147483647)
> After 'correcting' the with a chanid of 4294967295 to 1 in the database, I
> can now get the complete listing.

Well done! (And interesting as it's a 32 bit word of all 1s.)

> btw, I would have liked it if somewhere it would recommend to download
> VPlayer or DicePlayer (from the Play Store).

It's in the 3rd Description paragraph in the Play Store page:


but, the app itself doesn't display anything that I could find.

> Also, somehow the HLS transcoding of the recording I started playing is
> only 1m60s. Could it be that after the backend has aborted the transcoding
> for whatever reason, the partial file stays around?

Yes. You should be able to delete it, press the vertical ellipses in
the upper right, then Delete. If you're able to duplicate this, you
can open an issue on Github. In the output of:


the value of PercentComplete and the three Status* elements would
be of interest.

The Id is available with GetLiveStreamList. The actual Services API
used to delete the stream is:


which would be safe to use if the app isn't doing it for you.


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