[mythtv-users] Slave BE startup failure

Stephen P. Villano stephen.p.villano at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 14:15:44 UTC 2014

My slave BE wasn't starting, it initially tests connectivity to the
primary BE, then complains that it can't connect to its own IP for the
I'm on 0.27 Mythbuntu 12.04 with the latest patches.

Did a patch come down that could've given the BE mysql heartburn on
remote connections? After I restarted my primary BE mysql service, the
problem disappeared. Just trying to figure out what went sideways.
The primary BE was operating fine with all of my FE's, the only way I
noticed the issue was when I had copied a file to the store that I had
transcoded and wanted to keep in my permanent movie store and mythutil
All is well now, I'm just curious as to the cause.

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