[mythtv-users] MythArchive 0.27 mythburn.py patch for cutlist support (HD-PVR)

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Tue Mar 4 10:59:29 UTC 2014

On 04/03/14 02:27, Will Dormann wrote:
> Projectx couldn't find the recording details via:
> rec = DB.searchRecorded(chanid=chanid, starttime=starttime).next()
> The chanid and starttime variables seemed OK and matched what's in my
> recorded database.  But the above line fails with a StopIteration error.
>   So if finding the recording via the channel and time fails, I'm falling
> back to finding it via the recording filename, which was already stored
> in streaminfo_orig.xml.

I suspect a utc-related cause for this - but you've found a workaround. 
> Now projectx fails because the "-set ExternPanel.appendPidToFileName=1"
> option is not valid with "recent" projectx versions.  This also means
> that the filenames produced by projectx aren't what mythburn.py is
> expecting.

I'm still using this with ProjectX TEST PROJECT 
ONLY , User: John, - from a recent tarball, without obvious problems.

Java Environment
03 March 2014    23:36:41 GMT
java.version    1.7.0_51
java.vendor     Oracle Corporation
java.vm.version 24.51-b03
java.vm.vendor  Oracle Corporation
java.vm.name    OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
java.class.vers 51.0
java.class.path /home/John/projectx_link
os.name Linux
os.arch amd64
os.version      3.13.5-101.fc19.x86_64

  There's also some ".mv2" extensions in there, which should
> be ".m2v"

> Finally, I ended up swapping out occurrences of "mythffmpeg" with
> "ffmpeg".  mythffmpeg hung up on an ATSC recording, but the ffmpeg that
> comes with Mythbuntu 12.04 seems to work fine.  I suppose changing the
> mythffmpeg symlink would suffice, but I wanted to keep all modifications
> to just mythburn.py.

Yes.  I've found a few end-of-schedule recordings where mythffmpeg 
doesn't identify the wanted streams, but I deal with this, and the 
cutlist, outside mythburn.py
> That's about it.  The patch is a bit hacky, but it works for me.
> -WD

I have a procedure and a version of mythburn.py that works for me - for 
DVB-T, and as long as the calling parameters remain unchanged - so I may 
not rush to try yours; but thanks for posting it.


John P

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