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Sun Sep 9 17:16:26 UTC 2012

Changes in this release (0.5.63)
 tv_grab_uk_rt - fix bug in 0.5.62 release

 Removed broken grabbers
   tv_grab_dtv_la, tv_grab_ee, tv_grab_es_miguiatv
   tv_grab_nl, tv_grab_pt
   New filter: tv_augment_tz to convert floating time to explicit time
   tv_grab_uk_rt: Addition of lineups support for easier configuration
                  Improved unicode handling
                  6-7x performance increase with changed date/time handling

Changes in the previous release (0.5.62)
 xmltv.dtd: Add a lang attribute to review elements
 tv_grab_uk_rt  improved unicode handling
 tv_grab_pt_meo and tv_grab_eu-epgdata added back to xmltv.exe
 lots of grabber updates.  See Changelog for details


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