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Sun Sep 9 17:16:26 UTC 2012

changer (aka the method to change channels in the STB cable or
satellite). There are 3 ways to do it 

1.1 IR blaster. This is the most universal approach. I do not have
experience with it.

1.2 the serial connection if your STB has an input. Mine (comcast) has
and it is what I use. Because I do not have a serial port in my MB I am
using a usb serial port. Initially when I got the first hd-pvr I was
using a pci-serial port. It works perfect.
This is the place to the script that runs the serial connection changer

1.3 firewire. My STB does not have it but I heard is also an excellent
way to do it. 

2. The quality of the analog recording is excellent and the compression
also. It is hard to distinguished from the digital transmission. 

3. the hd-pvr is on all the time, like the system. I do a reboot of the
system once a week with the reset button so the hd-pvr is not power

4. The price of the hd-pvr has dropped. Initially (iirc) was about 250,
now I got it for $180 in Amazon.

5. This winter I will upgrade the STB for HD. A friend of mine is using
the hd-pvr for HD and he loves it. I do not have experience here. 

6. I do not have any of the problems you state in your question. It is
not tricky to run it, I do not have to reboot it. It just works. Yes you
need windows to install new firmware. I did it with the initial hd-pvr,
the new one is up to date. You do not need a special windows system. I
use VM (vmware workstation) where I have windows. I have just tested the
new device in my system opensuse 12.2 vmware 9.0 windows 7 VM and it
works very well.

Get it, it will do the job very well. 


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