[mythtv-users] Ubuntu 12.04 upgrade

Steve Malenfant smalenfant at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 11:46:17 UTC 2012

I've made a mistake for my whole finally lately... I upgraded from 10.04LTS
to 12.04LTS on my MythTV Box. Not sure exactly why I've done it because
everything was working so smoothly... I've been trying to find information
about the following but mostly everything failed. Probably due to the fact
that I don't have time to mess with my system anymore.

- NVIDIA VDPAU just won't work. There is the libvdpau-nvidia that's missing
or that has the wrong version. Searching and searching here. Multiple
people seems to have the problem never found a solution that worked for me.
- Screen Saver stuck on 10 minutes and screen goes black... I thought the
kids to go and move the move instead of screaming "Daddy!". Some say to
change the ScreenSaver app.
- The Unity bar always show up on the left, can't get rid of it.

I wasn't expecting much trouble upgrading... I disabled VDPAU, at least I
can play the .mp4 files but not the MPEG-2 recording.

Any pointers to help would be great!


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