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> On 9/24/2012 17:47, Jeremy Jones wrote:
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> > On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Richard Morton
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> > Hi,
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> > I think the OP is asking for season and episode number to be added
> > to the filename pattern with mythlink rather than being added to
> > meta-data. i.e. using the meta-data to construct the filename and
> > make the information browsable/sortable in non-myth applications.
> >
> > R
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> > I wasn't aware mythTV wrote metadata to recordings. If it doesn't, and
> > this metadata does exist, then wouldn't it be simpler to modify the
> > program that is creating the metadata to make the symbolic links?
> The metadata already exists in the database. Mythlink accesses that
> metadata from the database, and uses it in combination with a formatting
> string to produce a filename to symlink back to the recording. Something
> like...
> --link '/share/recordings (by date)' --format '%Y-%m-%d/%T - %S'
> would produce a symlink such as...
> /share/recordings (by date)/2012-09-18/Go On - There's No "Ryan" in
> Team.mpg
> The OP is looking for someone to add additional formatting tags that
> would be replaced by the season and episode numbers
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> Raymond is correct.   I have a samsung smart tv and it has an app for Plex
> right on the TV.  Thus no requirement to run a frontend anymore.   I am a
> longtime mythtv user and I do understand the tradeoffs you make when you
> dont run native mythtvfrontend but its just too compelling not to have to
> have another box attached to the tv.    If someone wrote a mythtv frontend
> for Samsung (Android) I would happily use Mythtv frontend app but sadly
> none exists.  So   my goal is to have Plex client be able to better handle
> mythtv backend recordings.    There is a program called Mythical Librarian
> (hacked together script) that does this but its way overly complex.  I
> think I read a post where someone was using Mythical Librarian (might even
> be your Raymond) to do this very thing.
> You can use mythlink.pl to do this but as Raymond shows its not optimal
> as it leaves out the Season and Episode numbers.   If the developer  ( I
> believe its Chris Peterson ) could add those additional tags that would be
> super.
> What would be even better if somehow you could configure myth in storage
> groups to store the recordings in the naming convention you as a user would
> like.  Than I could have the metadata lookup done in Myth and than just
> point Plex at my NAS and everything would work nicely together.   I realize
> that none of the developers probably use a setup like this so there is
> little interest in developing this but I am sure I am not the only user who
> is interested in something like this.
I would _love_ for this in the worst way, I currently use MythicalLibrarian
to feed my tv shows into Plex and it only sort of works (I have a folder
full of symlinks that ML creates and deletes based on recordings). With the
awesome new MythMetaData feature I've been hoping for either the addition
of episode info to mytlink, or the storage group as mentioned above, or
perhaps a revisit to the MythFuse project that (I believe) kind of stalled

If there's anything I could do to help with such a project (I suck at code,
so that's not an option), please let me know.
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