[mythtv-users] Frontend hangs 3 minutes after resume

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Thu Sep 20 18:21:31 UTC 2012

> I have an odd problem with my 0.25 FE, running on Mythbuntu 12.04,
> connecting to a separate BE.
> My problem is that mythfrontend often hangs - sometimes on a menu,
> sometimes during playback (Videos and Live TV) - around 2 or 3 minutes
> after starting up. It stops updating its display (ie, whatever is on
> the screen at the time freezes) and it stops responding to key
> presses. The box is otherwise still responding; you can open a
> terminal window and SSH to it.
> Killing the mythfrontend.real process so Mythbuntu restarts it seems
> to remedy the problem; all the times I've tested it doesn't appear to
> hang the 2nd time it is run. I'm also 97% sure it only happens after
> I've resumed from suspend; when this happens to my family, they reboot
> by pulling the power cable and they say it works fine after that.
> Occasionally, the BE gets itself in a state after this, if Live TV is
> being used, and I have to restart the BE. But I suspect this of being
> a different problem.
> In my suspend/resume script, I shut down mythfrontend before suspend
> and start it afresh after resume. And as I say, it works fine for the
> first 2 or 3 minutes, connecting to the BE correctly and playing
> video.
> I've turned verbose debug logging on for the FE; if video is being
> played, it starts complaining that it is waiting for data from the BE.
> If it hangs on a menu, the log messages are different but otherwise
> unenlightening (to me). However, at these times I have noticed it
> logging SSDP messages about connections to my Logitech Media Server
> (ne Squeezebox Server) and my wireless router (which it does not use,
> since the FE and BE are hard wired). I have not yet captured a verbose
> log from the BE to cover one of these episodes.
> Before I debug further, has anyone seen anything like this before? And
> what information would be most useful to collect to help solve this?

I have never seen this, but it does seem like SSDP traffic might be an
indicator of a network related issue.

Essentially, it sounds like something is causing your connection to the
backend to get lost after a couple of minutes.  Because you can still SSH
in I suspect the issue is something related to DHCP, DNS, or perhaps a
locked file.  I know from experience with other systems, time can play a
big role in some issues.  For example, perhaps after 2-3 minutes your syncs
the clock causing something to freak out.

You don't say if your running diskless either...  that might be an issue.

There was a discussion recently about killing mythfrontend before the
system sleeps and starting it automatically when it wakes... perhaps that
would cure the problem.
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