[mythtv-users] Frontend hangs 3 minutes after resume

David Edwards david at more.fool.me.uk
Thu Sep 20 15:32:06 UTC 2012


I have an odd problem with my 0.25 FE, running on Mythbuntu 12.04,
connecting to a separate BE.

My problem is that mythfrontend often hangs - sometimes on a menu,
sometimes during playback (Videos and Live TV) - around 2 or 3 minutes
after starting up. It stops updating its display (ie, whatever is on
the screen at the time freezes) and it stops responding to key
presses. The box is otherwise still responding; you can open a
terminal window and SSH to it.

Killing the mythfrontend.real process so Mythbuntu restarts it seems
to remedy the problem; all the times I've tested it doesn't appear to
hang the 2nd time it is run. I'm also 97% sure it only happens after
I've resumed from suspend; when this happens to my family, they reboot
by pulling the power cable and they say it works fine after that.
Occasionally, the BE gets itself in a state after this, if Live TV is
being used, and I have to restart the BE. But I suspect this of being
a different problem.

In my suspend/resume script, I shut down mythfrontend before suspend
and start it afresh after resume. And as I say, it works fine for the
first 2 or 3 minutes, connecting to the BE correctly and playing

I've turned verbose debug logging on for the FE; if video is being
played, it starts complaining that it is waiting for data from the BE.
If it hangs on a menu, the log messages are different but otherwise
unenlightening (to me). However, at these times I have noticed it
logging SSDP messages about connections to my Logitech Media Server
(ne Squeezebox Server) and my wireless router (which it does not use,
since the FE and BE are hard wired). I have not yet captured a verbose
log from the BE to cover one of these episodes.

Before I debug further, has anyone seen anything like this before? And
what information would be most useful to collect to help solve this?



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