[mythtv-users] New blue-abstract theme 1.8

Michael Watson michael at thewatsonfamily.id.au
Wed Sep 19 21:42:45 UTC 2012

On 20/09/2012 12:31 AM, Robert Siebert wrote:
> Am 18.09.2012 10:47, schrieb Jan Schneider:
>> Zitat von Jon Whitear <jon at whitear.org  <mailto:jon at whitear.org>>:
>>> On 17/09/2012, at 6:03 PM, Robert Siebert wrote:
>>>> Am 15.09.2012 02:43, schrieb Scott & Nicole Harris:
>>>>>> Hi everybody, I just wanted to announce on the mailing list that 
>>>>>> a new version
>>>>> of the blue-abstract theme is out.
>>>>>> It has undergone a major rewrite. There were tons of changes,
>>>>> which can be seen in the changelog or on github.
>>> Robert, I downloaded version 1.8 a few days ago, and I'm very 
>>> impressed with how polished it is. Thanks.
>> A few more issues I noticed while using the new version for a few days:
>> - The OSD element in top left corner is not taking GUI offsets into
>> account. I use different resolutions for video vs. GUI and while
>> watching recordings, the top left corner of the screen is outside the
>> viewport, so that this OSD element is only partially visible.
>> - I wonder why there are distinct background images missing for some
>> major menu points like Media Library.
>> - The upcoming recording entries aren't colored, which makes it hard
>> to determine the different state of the different recordings from each
>> other.
>> - The auto-scrolling of some text areas is far to fast, e.g. for the
>> episode descriptions. I'd rather have them not scrolling at all, so I
>> can always read the beginning of the description and hit INFO for the
>> complete text.
> Regarding the missing background images: I use my own (imho better 
> structured) menu (which you can activate in the appearance settings, 
> it called blue-abstract-menu). There I don't use the media gallery. 
> I'll add the background to it in the next version.
> I'll add some color to the upcoming recording text.
> Unfortunately there is no option to change the scrolling speed. I'll 
> think about disabling it. You can still disable the scrolling yourself 
> in the xml file.
Dont disable it, its one of the best features of this theme.  IMO.
> Regarding the top left OSD element, I wonder if its a theme issue or 
> another one. These are multiple windows like osd_message or osd_input. 
> There area is defined like this: <area>0,0,1280,720</area>. So maybe 
> the OSD part in MythTV does not scale it correctly. I'll look into that.
> Best regards
> Robert S

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