[mythtv-users] MythTV newbie questions

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 17 02:09:05 UTC 2012

On 09/14/2012 08:52 AM, Nick Jenkins wrote:
> My questions:
> * When watching something with the TiVo, if you're fast forwarding or
> rewinding, and then press the play/pause button, it starts playing at
> normal speed. However with MythTV, if you're fast forwarding or
> rewinding, and then press the play/pause button, it pauses. (I've bound
> the play/pause button to the letter 'p'). Is there some way to make
> MythTV play when coming out of fast forwarding/rewind, without having to
> use a separate button on the remote? More broadly, this feels the more
> intuitive behaviour, so would it make sense to have play/pause toggle to
> play first when viewing at a non-standard speed?

Hit the SELECT button to resume playback, not the PAUSE button.

Note that in the default mappings, P is not PLAY--it's PAUSE (which 
means "toggle pause").  If you really want, you can use Ctrl+P, which is 
PLAY, but then it will just play--not pause--so you'd still need the 
separate PAUSE button.

> * Is there some way to bind a key to "jump back 5 seconds"? I quite miss
> this function from the TiVo's remote, and would like to reproduce it.
> Under Setup ->  Video ->  Playback Groups, I can see a "jump back" entry
> set to "5", but I'm assuming this is equivalent to the "JUMPRWND/Jump
> back" keybinding of "Page up", and from memory this jumps back 10
> minutes.

Jumps are in minutes (default of 10 min jumps for forward and back with 
DOWN and UP keys).  Skips are in seconds.  LEFT and RIGHT should do skip 
back/ahead by default, at 5s and 30s, respectively, but the amount can 
be changed in Playback Groups.  So, you should be looking at skips, not 

> * Possible bug, maybe: Here in Sydney, there are two channels both
> called "ABC1" (channel 2, and channel 21). They seem to show the same
> content at the same time. To my way of thinking, MythTV recording option
> of: "Record at any time on channel X" means that a show will only be
> recorded when broadcast on one channel - however, that is not strictly
> the case. When I set a show to "Record at any time on channel ABC1" when
> looking at channel 2, it tries to record the show both when it shows on
> channel 2, and on channel 21 (i.e. 2 simultaneous recordings from one
> channel season pass). This tends to use both tuners, so it blocks
> anything else from being recorded. Instead of matching for a channel
> whose name matches the string "ABC1", maybe mythtv should match on a
> channel called "ABC1" with the right channel number too? Anyway, just a
> suggestion, because I just disabled channel 21, and that looks to have
> solved the problem I had.

Not a bug.  In MythTV, "this channel" refers to any channels with 
identical call signs.  If you want to treat 2 channels as different, 
assign them different call signs--that's exactly why call sign is an 
editable field in the mythtv-setup channel editor:  because it allows 
you to configure what "this channel" means.  You can do this for any 
channel.  The only requirement is that 2 channels should only be given 
the same call sign if they always show "substantially identical" content 
(meaning, IMHO, if they always have identical content).  However, any 
channels--even if they show identical content--may be given different 
call signs.

FWIW, the bug is the fact that MythTV records the same show when it airs 
at the same time on 2 channels with the same call sign (possibly with 
some video source tie in or something).  It's just not a bug that any 
one has cared enough about in the last 8 years to actually fix (and, 
yes, it's been around at least that long).


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