[mythtv-users] My falling out with comcast: they're "banning" direct connections

Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Fri Sep 14 17:58:43 UTC 2012

On 2012-09-14 10:34 AM, William Powers wrote:
> When I cancelled Comcast (Best Day Ever!) in favor of DirecTV, they insisted on knowing why. So I tried to explain to the nice lady that if Comcast had given me the local channels in HD and the same channels in clear QAM that I used to get with the analog standard basic, and not juggle the lineup every two weeks, I would have stayed.
> Her comeback was that DirecTV had STB's too.  She absolutely, positively did not understand that the reason I was canceling was because Comcast was forcing me to pay (and pay and pay...) for something I did not want and did not need in order to receive the service I wanted from them.

She wasn't understanding that all things equal, you choose Dish.

But before that point of encrypting basic, things were not equal - Comcast had the advantage. (with some annoyances)

I hit a point a long time ago in my life where I realized with these CSR's - you can explain away -- but in the end, you need a solid, short and understandable conclusion that you leave them with as you hang up.

That summary needs to be simple and repeatable to their boss (if they care enough to share).

Definitely give them the details - but absolutely clarify in a simple one sentence summary.

I'm still with Comcast because I can get business class cable at home because that's where I work.
Otherwise, I have no other services from them except the OTA reception. (which is QAM)


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