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Not to discourage you, but he may very well be right.  Or he might not.  Or
it may depend on your particular setup.  Hypervisors do indeed do some very
strange things by necessity when they abstract the hardware layer.  I've had
a great experience running a DVR in a hypervisor myself with almost no
problems at all.  I switched to MythTV as I prefer Linux and it was much
easier for me to run it on the base OS as that point.  But if the
abstraction layer is translating between your OS and bare metal there will
be some delay; there's no way to avoid it.  Whether it's a deal breaker or
not depends on hardware, vendor, OS, driver quality, and on and on and on.  


Don't get discouraged by people that seem hostile.  They may be real jerks,
or be really nice and having a bad day, or just come off badly via email.
I've been told various times I'm all three so I try to give the benefit of
the doubt to everyone.  All open source communities will have their mix of
all kinds of people.  Don't give up on the whole community due to any one


If you are running in a hypervisor, try taking it onto bare hardware and see
if it works better.  The live cd is a great option for that with very little
effort involved.  If nothing else it would be good troubleshooting as well
as a learning exercise.  


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> Wow, please seriously don't tell me you've been running a hypervisor
> all this time and are just mentioning this now.  If so, then you've
> just engaged in a colossal waste of my time.
> Hypervisors are not supported, in particular on the backend.  They
> screw with the PCI latency, causing packets to get dropped.

Sorry, I did not know that as it seems to be documented nowhere that I came

Though three emails hardly seems "colossal" to me, I'll go back to working
on this on my own so as not to bother you.

Thanks for your help.

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