[mythtv-users] HDHR Prime vchannel tuning issues

Brian Sanders brian.sanders at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 10:43:29 UTC 2012

I just noticed I have been failing recordings on many of my HD channels
through my HDHR Prime.  Looking back at logs, my mythtv is tuning to the
channel the same way it was before, but now is told the channel is unknown.
 Here is what I have found so far.  Was hoping someone would be able to
assist in determining what is the actual cause...

Logs from Prime when it was working
20120911-00:00:00 CableCARD: Tuner1: vchannel 504 (507MHz-1004) access =

Same channel stops working:
20120911-23:59:59 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 504 unknown (not found)

Tuning with the HDHomeRun software (to what I believe to be the same
20120913-09:09:00 CableCARD: Tuner0: vchannel 0 (507MHz-1004) access =

When looking at the HDHomeRun Prime software, it would appear that anything
that has a channel number with a decimal is now failing from mythtv.  It
seems the HDHomeRun Prime software is now just giving a 0 vchannel when
tuning it.  So for the above channel it shows up as 1004: 4.1 WRC-HD in the
software and can tune as shown in the last log above.  The channel 1052:
459 WUSA Bo works from both, I assume because the vchannel is not a decimal
and tunes correctly as vchanne 459 which is what mythtv requests.

So now I can somewhat see what is happening, but I don't really know where
to look to fix this.  Has my channel lineup changed and schedules direct
needs to update the listings?  Has my cable card lost the correct channel
map or something, so requests to these hd channels are not found?  Should
mythtv support tuning with multiple vchannels of 0?

Any direction here would be appreciated.  I am already behind on my
recordings as I didn't notice they were actually 1 byte.  Would love to
find a solution and get this up in time to catch the re-broadcast of as
much stuff as I can.

"Faithless is he, that says 'farewell', when the path darkens."
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