[mythtv-users] Mythbuntu 12.04 and sleep

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Thu Sep 13 03:21:08 UTC 2012

> I have my new primary frontend just about complete.  This is the first
>> frontend that I have built that will actually sleep and resume...
>> previously we just shut it down when it wasn't in use.
>> The one issue I have is that after setting  "Put the computer to sleep
>> when inactive for" to 15 minutes in XFCE Power Manager, the system will
>> sleep even while watching a recording.
>> What is the proper way to enable automatic sleeping such that Mythtv will
>> prevent sleep while watching a recording?
> Alternately, is there any way to have xscreensaver call another command
> when it puts the display to sleep... as I know that mythfrontend will
> disable xscreensaver during playback.

I hate to keep bumping my own thread, but I'm at a loss here.  Doesn't
anyone have their machines set to suspend automatically when idle?  I have
been looking everywhere and I can't figure out any way to prevent it from
sleeping while I'm watching video.  I suspect that I'm simply using the
wrong seach terms, but I have tried everything I can think of.
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