[mythtv-users] Remote woes

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Wed Sep 12 15:59:58 UTC 2012

> > Essentially, the remote stops repeating after just a few iterations.  So
> if
> > I press and hold one of the native (not learned) buttons, IRW will start
> > showing the repeats then just stop after a few for no apparent reason.
> > Sometimes it will work as expected and just keep repeating indefinitely,
> > other times it will stop then resume after a second just to stop again
> after
> > a few more repeats, but most of the time I get 8 or so repeats and it
> just
> > stops dead until I release and repress the button.
> ...
> > Does anyone know if this is the fault of my receiver, the mceusb driver,
> or
> > something else.  I'd hate to replace the receiver just to find that I
> have
> > the same problem on the next one.  I welcome any thoughts.
> Before you replace the receiver or spend a bunch of time
> troubleshooting software, the first thing I would do is check the
> remote.    Digital cameras (including phones and video cameras) can
> see IR, so If you take a digital camera and point it at the end of the
> remote, and then hold a button on the remote, you should see the
> remote's IR flashes on the display of the camera.
> If you do this, and press/hold the button that is causing you trouble,
> you can at least tell if the remote is sending the code continuously,
> or if the remote itself is stopping after a few repeats.
Thanks for the idea.  I am pretty certain that its not the remote as the
LED on my receiver shows that it is receiving a signal.

On a whim last night, I started trying other remote codes rather than using
the remote's default Sony settings... I found that using a code for a
Verizon IPTV box resulted in perfect behavior.

Using the Sony codes, I would get two signals for each button press, while
the Verizon configuration is equally as fast to respond, but only sends one
signal for each button press... holding down the button results in 1/2 as
many signals being sent.  So I adjusted my repeat rate in half in my lircrc
file and all is great!  I suspect that there is some sort of issue with
the receiver or driver in dealing with the flood of signals sent by the
Sony remote codes, so using a slightly less verbose remote worked great!

I wish I could have just used the learned MCE codes, but as I said before
while the repeat rate was fine, discrete button presses were slow, while
with the verizon codes I can send 3-4 presses per second vs the learned
codes' 1 or 2.
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