[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun Zero Byte Recording but work fine through HDHomeRun GUI

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Tue Sep 11 19:19:56 UTC 2012

>     Some pertinent information:
>>     - MythTV is configured to use the HDHomeRun tuners via their device
>> ID.
>>     - My BE is also the DHCP server in the network, and it assigns static
>>     IPs to the HDHomeRuns.  (My modem also acts as a DHCP server and it is
>>     a bit of a race condition as to which DHCP server responds when a DHCP
>>     lease is required though investigations have shown that the BE is much
>>     more likely to respond to DHCP requests).
>> Why the heck would you have two DHCP servers on your network?  Solve this
>> problem first.
> yea.. that's bad. You absolutely should be able to disable the DHCP server
> on your modem. Ugh.
>  I remember mythtv didn't play nice when the HDHR IP address changes while
>> mythbackend is still running.  My situation was that mythbackend started up
>> prior to the HDHR obtaining a DHCP, so strangeness would happen.  I had to
>> modify the init scripts to wait for the HDHR networking to stabilize before
>> mythbackend starting.  However, this was several months back using 0.24.  I
>> am not sure if any recent changes went into this area.
> Which bring up another good point - "infrastructure" should not be on
> changing IP's. It's ok to use DHCP to configure them on boot, but things
> like all my manages switches and WAP's and HDHR are on assigned static
> addresses in DHCP. As long as DHCP is up and running (on a static IP based
> server) - those devices will always come up on the same address, not an
> assignment out of a pool.

What I don't understand is why your Cable Modem is on the same network
segment as your HDHR or PC's?  You don't have some sort of router/gateway
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