[mythtv-users] Problem with Parental Control pin on 0.25

Michael mythtv at blandford.net
Mon Sep 10 16:07:33 UTC 2012


I am having an issue with parental controls with mythtv 0.25-2.  I am 
using minimyth-0.25-2.81.

The problem:

* Parental controls are set to default to level 1
* Default view is Gallery Mode
* When I enter watch videos, I am shown the files/folders that are 
appropriate for level 1
* Pressing 4 should prompt for the Parental Pin, but instead highlights 
a specific movie or folder. ( 1 always highlights the same movie, 2 
highlights a different movie consistently, etc. )
* I never get prompted for the pin and as a result, I can not change levels.

Changing the view from Browse to list, etc doesn't affect the problem.

What is interesting, is that this doesn't happen on all of the 
frontends.  I have two frontends running minimyth-  They net 
boot from the same exact image.  One exhibits this issue and the other 
doesn't.  This made me thing it was a local settings issue, so I deleted 
the settings from the bad frontend and copied exact the ones from the 
other frontend:

DELETE FROM mythconverg.settings WHERE hostname = 'mythliv';
INSERT INTO mythconverg.settings SELECT value,data,'mythliv' FROM 
mythconverg.settings WHERE hostname = 'mythbed';

Unfortunately, this has not resolved the issue either.

I also tested to make sure the IR events were the same between working 
and not working systems and they were.

I have one Fedora desktop that can run mythfrontend and it does not 
exhibit this issue.

I have posted the issue in the minimyth forum, but I am not sure if this 
is a minimyth issue, or a larger mythtv issue.  I am hoping the 
community here can help me understand the scope of the problem. Here is 
a link to that posting: 

So, is anyone else seeing a similar issue with parental controls?


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