[mythtv-users] Good signal strength? was: Re: Alternative to Silicondust HDHR3-6CC-2X3?

Preston Crow pc-mythtv08a at crowcastle.net
Thu Sep 6 20:20:58 UTC 2012

Will I never have signal strength issues with FiOS?  I'm under the 
impression that unless I do something crazy, I'll always have a strong 
signal on the coax, as it's converted from optical in my garage.

Though now that I've dropped the cable box, there are no analog channels 
to record, and the network comes straight from the ethernet port on the 
ONT, the coax just goes to a three-way splitter for my old HDHR and 
HDPrime, so the old days of splitting it for the TV, VCR, PVR-250, 
HDHRx2, cable modem, and cable box are long gone.

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