[mythtv-users] enhancing EIT data manually?

Martin MAURER martinmaurer at gmx.at
Mon Sep 3 15:44:41 UTC 2012


I am using mythtv 0.25 with EIT channel data. My schedules are set like
Record "The Mentalist" at any time on any channel. I have quite a few of
those schedules. 
As we don't have high quality EIT data here the shows are often missing
the subtitle information and the description differs between main
broadcast and repetition in the night.
Therefore mythtv fails to detect that the show is being broadcasted
twice. In such cases I would like to manually add (ie copy) the subtitle
information to the EIT collected data. I succeeded in adding the
information to the database and it is now visible in "Upcoming
recordings". Unfortunately the sceduler does not use this information
and tries to record the show twice, so that it can't solve the conflicts
where this should definitely possible in some cases.

Is there a way to force the scheduler to reschedule these shows?


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