[mythtv-users] HomeRun Dual when recording ONE chan can't change to another?

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Sat Sep 1 06:17:22 UTC 2012

>>     Hi Joseph!
>>     Can you please elaborate on how and where I would set that up?  I
>>     now have 3 HD HomeRun Dual tuners. (6 tuners)
>>     Thanks!
>>     Lee
>>     Joseph Fry wrote:
>>                 Just wondering where I went wrong.
>>                 If a program is recording on one channel, for some
>>         reason I
>>                 can't change to another, even though it's a dual tuner.
>>                 Change channel, it jumps back to the program currently
>>         being
>>                 recorded.
>>                 I have it setup according to the documentation on
>>         MythTV wiki
>>                 regarding the HomeRun Dual tuner.
>>             If you have configured virtual tuners and your LiveTV session
>>             happens to land on a virtual that shares the same
>>         physical, you
>>             can't change to anything other than what that tuner is locked
>>             into. You need to change tuner using "C" (default key) and
>>         switch
>>             to another tuner.
>>         There are various settings you can make to set the priority
>>         for recording/live tv on your tuners as well.  I have 5
>>         tuners, they are set with recording priority from 1-5 and live
>>         tv priority from 5-1... so essentially if I go into live TV it
>>         uses tuner 5, and my recordings try to use the lowest numbered
>>         tuner available.  With just 2 tuners, it's harder because
>>         often the scheduler will need to make use of the second tuner
>>         for various reasons.
>> Please avoid top posting (put your reply's below the quoted content).
>> Anyway, in mythtv-setup, when you are mapping sources to tuners, there is
>> an option to set the recording priority and the livetv priority.  I'm
>> pretty sure it was there in 0.24?
>> Essentially when entering livetv it will choose the tuner with the lowest
>> livetv priority; if you set the livetv priority to 0 that tuner will not be
>> available when entering livetv.  The same goes for the recording priority.
>> Are you running 3 HDHR Prime's with cable cards, or are you using QAM, or
>> ATSC?  I only ask because if you have 6 physical tuners, you could have 2
>> or 3 times that with virtual tuners (unless they are Prime's with CC's),
>> that many tuners may influence the way I'd set the priorities, so I won't
>> make any recommendations.
>> I am using the tuners with OTA programming only.  These are the non cable
> tuners.
> The only place so far I can find a priority setting is under inputs, input
> priority.
> I understand this to be a way to choose a better capture source over a
> worse one, but I may be wrong.
First of all, open each tuner in mythtv-setup  and set the number of
virtual tuners to 2 or 3... this way if you record 2 subchannels of the
same channel at the same time, you will only use one physical tuner.  On
your TV you would see this as 47-1, 47-2, 47-3 for example.

I guess recording/livetv priority was one of the new features in 0.25.  In
0.24, you can set each tuner's priority and in the settings menu on the
frontend you will find settings talking about livetv and scheduling (been a
while)... but one of those settings will make live tv use the lowest
priority tuner available; which with that many tuners, will likely not be
used by the scheduler if you set the priorities in the section you
described above.

I HIGHLY recommend upgrading to 0.25 or even 0.26... there are issues, but
I am much happier with 0.25.
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