[mythtv-users] HomeRun Dual when recording ONE chan can't change to another?

Lee Maisel maisel at lobo.net
Sat Sep 1 05:52:43 UTC 2012

Joseph Fry wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 11:38 PM, Lee Maisel <maisel at lobo.net 
> <mailto:maisel at lobo.net>> wrote:
>     Hi Joseph!
>     Can you please elaborate on how and where I would set that up?  I
>     now have 3 HD HomeRun Dual tuners. (6 tuners)
>     Thanks!
>     Lee
>     Joseph Fry wrote:
>                 Just wondering where I went wrong.
>                 If a program is recording on one channel, for some
>         reason I
>                 can't change to another, even though it's a dual tuner.
>                 Change channel, it jumps back to the program currently
>         being
>                 recorded.
>                 I have it setup according to the documentation on
>         MythTV wiki
>                 regarding the HomeRun Dual tuner.
>             If you have configured virtual tuners and your LiveTV session
>             happens to land on a virtual that shares the same
>         physical, you
>             can't change to anything other than what that tuner is locked
>             into. You need to change tuner using "C" (default key) and
>         switch
>             to another tuner.
>         There are various settings you can make to set the priority
>         for recording/live tv on your tuners as well.  I have 5
>         tuners, they are set with recording priority from 1-5 and live
>         tv priority from 5-1... so essentially if I go into live TV it
>         uses tuner 5, and my recordings try to use the lowest numbered
>         tuner available.  With just 2 tuners, it's harder because
>         often the scheduler will need to make use of the second tuner
>         for various reasons.
> Please avoid top posting (put your reply's below the quoted content). 
> Anyway, in mythtv-setup, when you are mapping sources to tuners, there 
> is an option to set the recording priority and the livetv priority. 
>  I'm pretty sure it was there in 0.24?
> Essentially when entering livetv it will choose the tuner with the 
> lowest livetv priority; if you set the livetv priority to 0 that tuner 
> will not be available when entering livetv.  The same goes for the 
> recording priority.
> Are you running 3 HDHR Prime's with cable cards, or are you using QAM, 
> or ATSC?  I only ask because if you have 6 physical tuners, you could 
> have 2 or 3 times that with virtual tuners (unless they are Prime's 
> with CC's), that many tuners may influence the way I'd set the 
> priorities, so I won't make any recommendations. 
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Thanks Joseph!

I am using the tuners with OTA programming only.  These are the non 
cable tuners.
The only place so far I can find a priority setting is under inputs, 
input priority.
I understand this to be a way to choose a better capture source over a 
worse one, but I may be wrong.



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