[mythtv-users] [Q]: Tevii S480 (dual dvb-S2) support and reliability

emmanuel ALLAUD eallaud at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 22:48:03 UTC 2012

On 29/11/2012 07:42, mikkel at broerne.dk wrote:
> Well... I have just recently installed a second s480 card in my 
> system;Mythbuntu 10.04 mythtv 0.24 and they seem stable.
> I have issues tuning with live-tv, but this may not be caused by the 
> cards but could also be bad signal (50-60%), live-tv issues or the 
> fact that I am starving my CPU handling HD channels...
> I cannot remember what SR I am running at - can check later today and 
> write back
OK thanks, stability and reliability are definitely important for me. 
The tuning issue is abit worrysome for me as here (in Marinique, French 
West Indies) it can be really cloudy (I mean VERY thick clouds), so 
tuning even in bad conditions is important also. The TBS6921 was good at 
tuning in harsh conditions, so I think I am used to not missing any 
episode of my series ;-)

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