[mythtv-users] [Q]: Tevii S480 (dual dvb-S2) support and reliability

mikkel at broerne.dk mikkel at broerne.dk
Thu Nov 29 11:42:08 UTC 2012


Well... I have just recently installed a second s480 card in my
system;Mythbuntu 10.04 mythtv 0.24 and they seem stable. 

I have issues
tuning with live-tv, but this may not be caused by the cards but could
also be bad signal (50-60%), live-tv issues or the fact that I am
starving my CPU handling HD channels... 

I cannot remember what SR I am
running at - can check later today and write back. 


29-11-2012 4:50, emmanuel ALLAUD wrote: 

> Hi all,
> I am looking for a
replacement for my TBS 6921 (DVB-S2) which is dying :(
> I saw the Tevii
S480 which seems relatively cheap and AFAICT fully 
> opensource (the
TBS was great but there is a binary blob which is a pain 
> when you
want to upgrade your kernel).
> So my questions: is it really well
supported, especially high symbol 
> rates (I need 45MS/s for DVB-S2
QPSK) and is it reliable?
> TIA,
> Bye
> Manu
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